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Manu Carrillo


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Hello everyone. Today I just discovered this wonderful program. After years working with PhotoShop and trying pseudo alternatives that ended up disappointing and making me return to the Adobe product, today the light was made !! Affinity Photo seems to me an incredible program, with an unbeatable price / quality ratio. It was enough for me to be a couple of hours of tests to fall in love. The transition from Photoshop to Affinity has been simple and friendly. Gimp is nice, but confusing, ugly and in some ways, limited and lacking in quality. Also, I lost 5 or 6 hours with Photo Paint Corel and Magix Photo & Graphic Designer's trial and I got bored just thinking about having to relearn other methods of work. Honestly, they have their own style (I'm not saying neither better nor worse), but it has made me heavy, perhaps because I have the Photoshop routine engraved inside my head. I'm excited and, of course, I've already bought my license. Affinity Photo is good, nice and cheap (in Spain we say 3 B -Bueno, Bonito y Barato-). A great purchase. I have read in some sections of the forum people claiming support to export in the TGA format (even claiming bad manners). Please gentlemen, Affinity offers a lot in exchange for a modest payment, be reasonable. On the internet there are free programs to convert PNG to TGA (e.g. Easy2Convert PNG to TGA). I do not see where the problem is. Sorry for my long text and thank you very much for this great project called Affinity Photo, the real and only alternative to the PS monopoly. Greetings. (Sorry for my poor English).

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Does this Easy2Convert company really want $8485,45 for the task of batch converting various file formats into other file formats?:8_laughing:
Sorry but I think many people will pass on your offerings/findings.


People are reasonable, they want Serif to succeed with the Affinity Product line and gave and give them hints,
on how to massively expand their user base by implementing day to day used features/file formats.

Its hard to persuade your colleagues, friends or even a company to buy Affinity Photo when you have to say;
hey for the regular tasks and daily output we create, we need to buy additionally to the Affinity Photo licence another little converting program which costs $29.95 per seat, lose time in saving and exporting twice and have an inconvenient way of working which takes time which could be used in having more output if Serif had implemented this daily used feature.

TGA/DDS is needed in a professional environment even if you might not have a need for it.

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