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Hi everyone,

im new to this forum and also to using affinity designer. I would like to get some feedback on using vector textures. Im trying to create tshirt designs and want to use a vector texture on my text, however im unsure how to add the texture only to the text itself and not the surrounding area. I also want to be able to knock out the texture from the lettering so that the shirt colour will come through( ie the texture will reveal background colour).

Any help would be much appreciated,



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Hi Jimmy33 and Welcome to the Forums,


I've attached a simple .afdesign file showing this in action.  Just type your text out and then bring in the texture you want to fill the text with and place this behind the text.   Then go to the Layers panel and drag the text layer over the texture layer (to nest/attach it to the text).  The text will then be filled with the texture.  You can then use the Transparency tool or lower the opacity on the layer to fade the text and start showing the colour of the t-shirt.


No doubt someone who has designed t-shirts in Designer will be along to point out a better way to do this, but hopefully this give you a good starting point.


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