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External Hard Drives Freezing

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I recently upgraded to High Sierra, and now when I use Affinity Photo the Hitachi external hard drive loses the photo files somehow.  The file icon is on desktop but double-clicking it show and empty index page.  Affinity will not export to the drive.  A hard reset of the drive clears the problem.  Apple support said it was the driver on the Hitachi drive ( as it is 8 years old).  So I put in a GTechnologies drive in another USB port, and as I suspected both drives are 'frozen' in the same manner while I am just using Affinity Photo and the Hitachi drive.  I am just wondering if anyone has had problems with High Sierra and external drives, or if there are any suggestions. This also happens when I use the new  Apple Photo and then edit with Affinity Photo.  My take is that Apple has an OS problem, but I thought I would check in the forum to see what others have experienced.

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The fastest and simplest way to troubleshoot your problem is to see what information the drive manufacturer has. Check the web site or contact their support.


The problem you are having is a common problem when the external drives are format NTFS. If the drives are format NTFS it takes a driver to write to the disk, macOS natively supports reading but not writing. When you update macOS the driver no longer is supported and the drives will not work correctly.


How are the drives formatted?

Can you copy files to the drives using finder?

Have you used disk utility to check the drives?


Hope this helps.





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Thanks for the reply.  I have tried to find support for the Hitachi on the web with no luck. I will be calling them when they open today.  As far as formats, both are formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled) with the Hitachi also stating 'case sensitive.'

I will see if the hard drives will except new copying after they show a problem.

Yes, I have used disk utility and also a right click for 'info'.  Both show the drive capacity and what is in use, and that they are mounted.  

I have noticed with both drives, that they will not eject from desktop because the computer recognizes them as 'in use' after all  of my photo applications are closed.  I have to force eject or go to Utilities and unmount. 

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just a follow up.  Since I had my external hard drive files backed up, I went ahead and reformatted the drive to the new APFS format.  That seems to take care of the problem.

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