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I couldn't find anything directly related to my question, so I figured I'd try to ask independently. I'm not new to AD (I LOVE IT, by the way), but I am new to AE, and I currently don't see any worthy equivalent to it (hoping you guys make it happen!)...

So, as I'm getting more into Motion Graphics, my question is, how do I successfully export my AD work in to AE?? I saw it done on YouTube, but the guy was doing a time lapse vid, and didn't at all show how he seemingly seamlessly imported his vector work into AE. And I don't see ANYWHERE how to do this. I know there's got to be a way. Can anyone please help!? Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi IsomSr,


Welcome to the forums :)


If you export your file to .PDF or .EPS you will be able to import it into AE.




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Unfortunately Affinity Designer and After Effects don't pay well together as Affinity can't export in Illustrator that uses a proprietary file format). Other formats like EPS or PDF couldn't be parsed on multiple layers, it's just one layer. IMO the only good solution is to create an After Effects Affinity format import plugin (like Maxon with C4D).

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