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Enhance the Select Sampled Color tool


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In Photo I often need to make a selection of an area than contains a complex variety of colors (Think plaid shirt :)

I've tried:  Select > Select Sampled Color

But it only allows a selection based on a single color.

I would like to see this tool modified so each additional color pick can add to the existing selection(s).

With the adjustable tolerance setting, I think it would be easy to select areas having a variety of colors in just a few clicks.

And of course you could first draw out a simple pre-selection perimeter to limit your color selections to within that isolated perimeter.

Thanks for your consideration.  Love Affinity Photo on my PC!

Edit.....  On further experimentation I found the Flood Select tool is what I need to use (AKA Magic Wand).

Set Tolerance to 6% & uncheck Contiguous.  Set to Add.  Click the various colors inside the desired area.  Also, if you click & drag, the Tolerance will dynamically change – so drag until the selection spills over, then back off slightly.

When the selection is complete, Smooth 1px and Feather 1px.

With the selection still active, convert to a Mask layer.  To do so, Layer >  New Mask Layer.

To edit or smooth the edges of the Mask, click on the Mask layer and paint with a soft white brush to reveal, and a soft black brush to hide.

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in a way a secound this very much..

but i would prefer it to be placed as tool as important as the flood select tool..    the flood select tool in a way behaves as you described, and is able to additive ad sampled areas, and also has the sweet option to interactivly change the tollerance of the sampeled area by just going on pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to the right ore the left.. 

I first tried the flood select tool, and expected it to behave comparable to the select sampled color command.   but it selects everything it selects by hundred %..   well 


why not ad a button to the flood select tool........   like.....    "use select sampled color mode" ...  this would be by far the most intuitiv and fastest way to do so !!!


flood select color mode.jpg

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