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Hi Everyone,


Made the jump today to buy affinity photo and designer. Whilst I am loving it all, my huion 1060 plus tablet will not work in either program? I have tried it in other programs and it works fine, I have tried different settings, even uninstalling the tablet driver and re-installing it but only affinity photo and designer refuse to allow it to work. Can anyone help me, I really am lost and need to use my tablet with my work on these programs.


Thanks in advance!


Billie :)

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I have a different model Huion paired w. a Mac, and no probs. Whats you OS? Maybe someone with a similar set up can answer.

iMac 27" Retina, c. 2015: OS X 10.11.5: 3.3 GHz I c-5: 32 Gb,  AMD Radeon R9 M290 2048 Mb

iPad 12.9" Retina, iOS 10, 512 Gb, Apple pencil

Huion WH1409 tablet

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I have a new 1060 plus on win 10 and it works in both apps.

intel core i5,  16GB 128Gb ssd win10 Pro Huion new 1060plus.

philips 272p 2560x1440px on intel HD2500 onboard graphics

Razer Tartarus Chroma

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I am also using a Huion 1060Plus (Huion_1060plus_V12.3.7 Driver) on Windows 10, therefore it should be working for you.  Do you mean it doesn't work at all, or just the pen pressure isn't working?  

If it's just pen pressure that isn't working, then check that the brush you are using in Affinity Photo is one that's set to use pen pressure to control the brush size.

Different brushes have different default settings depending on what they were created to draw like or mimic.  Some are a constant size, some change size or opacity/flow depending on pen pressure, etc.  The default basic round brush in Affinity Photo however is a constant size brush (I.E. It isn't set to use pen pressure for brush size control by default), which may be why you don't think the pen is working correctly.

Therefore try this first.  With the Brush tool selected, click the 'Force Pressure to Control Size' button next to the 'More' button in the brush context bar at the top.  This will override the brushes size jitter setting in brush dynamics and use pen pressure for brush size control.

If the pen then works with 'Force Pressure to Control Size' on, I'd turn it back off and go through all the different default Affinity Photo brushes in the brushes panel and see if you can find a brush that draws like you want it to.

In addition, if there's a particular brush where you want to permanently override the default brush settings, then you can do so by doing the following.
1) Select the brush you want to modify in the Brushes panel
2) Click on the brush settings icon in the top right corner
3) Click on the 'Dynamics' tab
4) Change the desired setting to 'Pressure' and adjust the slider


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