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I have a pretty important question here ... (at least for me :P) I want to buy a graphic tablet to stop wasting paper all the time. I usually create logos on paper, scan them and then vectorise my concepts. But I thought it was time for a change. So I want to buy a graphic tablet with a screen. (I've already tried without screen and I don't like it) So got on Amazon, and I found the Huion GT-185. This model is in my price range, it is big enought for me, ... As every good buyer does, I did some research : some say the tablet doesn't work with affinity, others say it does ... confusing. 


So, I would like to know if any of you use a graphic tablet with a screen that works completely fine and that isn't to expensive ... I said I would go up to 550€, but I prefer less of course :P


Thank you for your responses in advance :) 

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Hi CreativeSoul :)

We have been made aware of some issues using the tablet but after looking at this post it seems updating the drivers resolves any issues users have come across. You should find the Huion GT-185 works great with Affinity apps. :)

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I'm more fan of Artisul (overall round product, quality  aiming) , XP-Pen (price/quality) or Yiynova (quality and screen quality). These and Huion are good products, generally speaking, specially for what you want to do. For just sketching logo concepts, you don't need that large size, if are  adesigner, can clutter your workspace a bit. Might want to consider a 16 inches size as ideal if you strictly are only going to do that. For general illustration, I'd never go lower than 22 incches, personally.


One important matter. If color accuracy is a concern for you -is essential to me- , none of this are terribly good at that. they are not an Eizo, or a high end NEC kind of thing. Wacom's Cintiq 27 QHD yep, has a very good quality. (but the 22 / 24 model are not that great in that aspect ).  And about this, of what i have been able to read, it seems is a general consensus that the Yiynova screen-tablets are pretty accurate / rich in color. About how each work. I'm of the geekiest group here in tablets : I kind of feel I'd make work any brand (even those that might need heavy lifting with the drivers) with Affinity's, but that a very personal take.  I mean, I believe each has a solution.


The Huions, at least latest GT models, seem to have a bit of ghosting, due to a too big response time in the screen.  This can be not great specially when scrolling text or image galleries or moving elements on screen, etc. 


A LOT of these alternatives have a MAJOR drawback compared to purchasing a Wacom (usually) : Battery based pens, and other flavors different to the wacom's battery free ones, tend to have a bit more of a jitter/wobble in the line. I have only seen tons of tests in videos of literally every model but I have not owned one, only a cintiq model, which I sold second hand after 8 months as discovered: a) I am not really comfortable drawing in screen after 10 hours b)  Not even comfortable 20 seconds in a 12 inches screen, which was the case, and I fear 13 would be practically the same. That's how I know a lot of us illustrators would really need a 22 or +.  That said, remember that jitter CAN be 100% avoided in some cases with line stabilizing/smoothing, which Affinity apps just got in the 1.6 version, and in other cases (I mean, with other tablets and whatever the software), wont be 100% and then you are kind of in a bad place. The pity is that I am not a tester (would love to) of these machines, so I can't know if is the case, neither is a thing the youtube hardwarre reviewers do ever try. They just feel fine doing the jitter test, but we've come to a point in software where this can be compensated in a way that works in a production activity (I know by intense experience) . I still don't know why they don't do it. Probably as line smoothing is a bit new to most people. Otherwise, I could give a solid recommendation of one (or several) brand instead of another, without any doubt. The most modern models is sth you need to aim, as technology is improving in these alternatives at speed of light. 


I forgot: Ugee is doing great alternatives, too.


Edit: Please beware of sth a lot of ppl don't realize. A worse brand has products way superior to other brands which are indeed better brands. Specially if you go to the low end prices (400 -550 $ ) , you could end up purchasing ie, an arcane Yiynova and get a deception. These chinese, usa's or wherever alternatives are often maintaining as purchasable very initial models. And so they can provide an uber cheap possibility. BUT... And I know I had left important info, there's a ton more, but can't make a book here.... :

- is not the same a TN panel than a IPS. for angles of view, color fidelity, dithering, contrast ratio, etc, you need to go IPS.

- MVA or PVA Are an ok they provide often deeper blacks and big range of colors (less prone to show gradients dithering!! --> very important. ) BUT... they tend to come with very slow screen response, producing ghosting. is a tough decision, but I'd play safe and go IPS, unless you find the xVA models say sth like 15ms of refresh rate, or lower. if you are doing a lot of video editing or motion, fx of anykind, is IPS, nor the other. In any case, never a TN, and there are still quite a bunch of TNs being sold.


Resolution... Some are screens of 1280 x 800 (ie, if purchase a second hand cintiq 12 WX, which I don't recommend to. Even a 1440 x 900 seems to small work space for me, but at that, you could somehow do... )


If you are going to lay it flat, beware... XP has two models , or used to, the older one wouldn't allow to fully laying the tablet flat.  And doing so might crunch / damage the cables.  The newer models hasn't that issue, and added the function side buttons. Essential to some, irrelevant for me (I need the key commands anyway, I tend to recommend even a small keyboard instead.)


So... For example, with the Yiynova, imo that's best if you are going for their highest end model, is the sane purchase there. You are getting QUALITY for around 800  - 900 bucks. it's worth it.  if you are, for sure, only making logo sketches, strongly recommend you to go to a high quality models but 16 inches size. You 'll get great tracking and quality but save money due to the inches. That is, you can go to expensive models, in that size. (the cintiq Pro 16 is way too expensive, tho)


The XP -PEN, 22 inches, most modern model, yes, that is a good purchase, IF you count on a high quality monitor in your pc in which you can check / fix color deviations. To ensure color checking, I mean. Indeed, would recommend a dual setup, so that you would have the hi quality monitor in a side , all time reproducing the same screen/illustration.


if going for small sizes : Xp Pen I believe has now a 16 inches size that worth checking, seems is getting very good press. At that size, probably Artisul is among the best purchases, too. Again, I simply can't recommend 13 / 12 inches.


EDIT:  Last note , I promise . Even if you feel the only stuff you're ever gonna do is logos sketches... I'd still recommend as best buy a 22 inches or larger model. You could regret buying anything smaller, very strongly.... (btw: If you mean logos like graffiti, high detailed ones, tattoos, etc... is big screen all the way....And I keep recommending the Yiynova best and highest end model above everything else.  That or the most modern XP-Pen 22 inches model if gonna do the two monitors setup to check accurate color. (if you care for that as much as i do, a lot of ppl don't need it.  ))




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