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[By Design] Z-Depth sorting not working correctly (layer not obstructing correctly)

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Hi Kasimir,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

That's because you have placed the circle inside the line layer (clipping it) - do you see the arrow on the left of the thumbnail of the line layer? it means it contains something inside. But since a line has no fill area you don't see anything inside it - in this case the circle. Drag the circle's layer out of the line layer in the Layers panel and make sure you drop it below the line layer, not over it. It may need to move it horizontally a little to the left to prevent it from being clipped - see the clip attached below (no sound). Note how there's two different positions while i drag the circle layer to the bottom of the line - in this case you want the one that fill the entire Layer's panel's width.

Also check this video tutorial for additional details: Affinity Designer - Layers Panel Drop Zones






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