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Affinity Designer and Photo black out/Flicker on external monitor

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I am unable to use both Affinity Designer and Affinity photo.

I don't know when this started but it's rather recent.

NVRAM and SMC have already been cleared. 

As I start to work on either of the two applications, as I move the mouse in and out of the canvas, the screen blacks out and takes a few moments to come back. 

When I move the mouse again it blacks out again.

Having suggested Affinity to several friends and wasting my time trying to introduce these tool in my workflow... this is frustrating. 

Is there a solution for this? If not, will I be entitled to a refund?

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Just encountered this myself after updating to the latest Affinity Photo version.


I'm running on a MacBookPro12,1


Even after switching the rendering mode to "Software" on Affinity Designer the problem persists.


This makes the application basically unusable :(

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Hi Carpen, coreh

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

We are already aware of a couple issues from similar reports when using two monitors. Can you provide us a few mode details? which type of connection (second monitor) are you using?

What display setting do you have selected (Affinity Preferences, Performance) for Display: Metal or OpenGL?


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I am also having this issue:


2017 MacBook Pro

High Sierra

AP 1.6.6

Acer K272HUL


Preferences: Metal, OpenGL, Software - seems to occur in all modes


Definitely getting worse...


BUT - this is also occurring when AP is closed (quit) - but not as often...


Any proposed workarounds (color space, resolution, etc., would be welcome).





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My issue with flickering seems to be resolved tonight. 


My MacBook Pro (2017) was connected to my external monitor (Acer 2560x1440 res)  via an HDMI adapter.  I read somewhere that this type problem could be caused by the adapter/cable converting the signal from 60 to 30 Hz (no idea if this is true) with a recommendation of getting a cable to run directly from the Mac usb-c port to the monitors’s DisplayPort.  A $15 cable from Amazon seems to have fixed this issue for me.  My monitor was solid for 2.5 hours with AP 1.6.6 tonight.


Good luck. 



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I use satechi adapter, because my Eizo monitor has hdmi and new macbooks have just usb-c

Tested same setup on a Dell 4K monitor. Affinity Designer worked just fine :)

EDIT: No, that flicker did not go away. Still impossible to work on my second monitor, I can only use your stuff on my laptop monitor… This bug has been around for over a year now…

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