Thanks for update to 1.6, but contains minor discrepancies.   a) Stabiliser is perfect tool. In Pencil Tool, Vector Brush Tool, Paint Brush Tool, etc. is controlled by checkbox/buttons with tooltip (good way).   In other tool (Blur/Sharpen/Erase Brush Tool, etc) is controlled by combobox without tooltip.   Why is different?   b) In Pencil Tool is Controller before Stabiliser,   in Vector Brush Tool is at the end of toolbar.   These are unnecessary discrepancies, which make the operation more difficult.     c) Font listbox is perfect. In Light theme is light,   in Dark theme is .... light?     d) Lock and Unlock Aspect Ratio has the same Tooltip.   "Lock/Unlock Aspect Ratio" would be more appropriate, but the lock symbol is not very obvious.