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[AP] Live Perspective Filter produces distorted results

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In many cases, when i use the Live Perspective Filter, AP produces distorted results. This has been the case in older versions, and i somehow hoped it would be resolved in 1.6. This didn't happen though, the problem is still there. I've added an image to show what i mean as well as a zip file which contains the various steps i've taken.


One of these steps includes zooming out. It makes you think that there's no problem, but when i then export the image i get exactly the distortion i've had before.




By the way, it looks like this happens when you distort outside of the boundaries of the layer you want to apply the perspective to.

Affinity Photo/Affinity Designer/Affinity Publisher | macOS 10.14 Mojave | MBP13 2013

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Is there any update on this? Using the live perspective filter (when it works) is wonderful, but it indeed seems to have many bugs associated with it.

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