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I’m sorry for appearing to be such a numpty, but I simply cannot work out how to delete a selection in Affinity Photo for iPad. I’m very familiar with Photoshop and in that app you would simply hit Delete. This is driving me mad because it should be so obvious.

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Hi David_Parr,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

In Photo Persona (with the selection active) tap the screen with two fingers and select Delete from the pop up menu.


Note that you can only delete selections when working with Pixel layers (see the small letters above the layer's name in the Layers studio to identify the type of layer you are working with). If you place or drag an image from Files app to the document canvas it will be added as an Image layer type which you can transform globally (scale, rotate etc) without losing quality but that you can't edit at a pixel level. Trying to delete a selection from an Image layer will delete the whole layer instead. So in those cases you have to rasterise the layer first to convert it to a Pixel layer. To do it go to the three dots menu on the top (in Photo Persona) and select Rasterise ▸ Rasterise.

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5 hours ago, Nabobcoffee said:

I have the same question.. how can I delete a selection? why is this so difficult?

It is not difficult if you use the method MEB suggested, but there are several things easy to overlook that will prevent it from working:

1. As he mentioned, this only works for a pixel layer, so make sure you are not trying to delete a selection from an image or vector object layer.
2. The pixel layer must be selected in the Layers Studio, otherwise there is nothing to delete. That is because a dotted line selection is not a part of any layer.
3. In Photo you make selections in the Selections Persona but you must be in the Photo Persona for a two finger tap to offer the Delete option on the popup menu.

For me, the second one is the 'gotcha' I too often forget to check.

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