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David Thomas

Printer profiles are not retained in print dialog

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In the printer dialog boxes of both Design and Photo for Windows, it is possible to select a colour management profile for the target printer separate from the document colour profile which is automatically extracted from the document itself. However, this printer profile selection disappears as soon as the user leaves the dialog box, either to print the document or to make some other adjustment to the print job. Both Design and Photo reject the user-selected printer profile and automatically revert to the document profile. In a colour-managed environment,  the user specifies a specific colour profile for the document before it is saved, and another for the printer as the print job is defined in the Affinity print dialog boxes. The printer profile can be an .icc or .icm files generated by a colour calibration device, such as ColorMunki or it can be supplied by the paper manufacturer.


Unless I am missing something (and I sincerely hope I am) this situation makes Affinity products incompatible with a colour-managed (ie professional) workflow. This must be cutting Affinity off from a large pool of potential recruits.


This situation was first reported by others back in 2016 (search "printer profile" in the Bugs forum) and Affinity acknowledged it was indeed a software bug. That Affinity would perpetuate such a critical bug in a new software update (1.6) may indicate that this issue dropped off the fix list before it was addressed. 


For the record, the printer profile I am attempting to select works just fine in Photoshop.


Again, I do hope I am wrong and require only some kind guidance to make colour management work in Affinity.



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