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Vishnu Raghav B

Affinity Designer - Cannot assign keyboard shortcut to "Place Image Tool"

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I'm trying to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Place image tool" in Affinity Designer I have tried assigning both single keys and single key with modifier keys, every time I hit the shortcut key, the software crashes and shows the attached error message(Unhandled Exception.png). Please solve this issue.

Thank you.

Unhandled Exception.png

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Hey Vishnu Raghav,


I've just tried a few combinations and it seems to be okay. Could you tell me what keys you've tried in case it is a particular combination? 


Scratch that, I've reproduced it. I'll pass this over—thanks! 

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Hey Chris!


AD 1.6.4 is out and still there is no fix for this simple problem.


I could not use a keyboard shortcut for the "Place image tool". When executed, the software crashes. 

Clicking on the icon works fine but not the keyboard shortcut. I have also tried different keys, but no luck.


This problem existed in the previous releases of AD which I have already reported about. But till now no fix for that :/


I prefer to access the AD tools with a keystroke and want to hide the tools dock completely, but this issue forces me to show it..


Please fix this issue in the future release please.




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Ah sorry about this, it looks like there was a fix for the Mac version a while ago but I can still reproduce this on Windows.

I've made a new bug report for the Windows version. I'll let you know once I see any movement on the report. Again, sorry this was missed. 

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