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Fujifilm X-T2 RAF files not opening

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I have updated to Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and I am unable to open Fujifilm X-T2 RAF files. 


I am running macOS 10.12.6 Sierra, and I have tried both the Apple (Core Image RAW) and the Serif Labs RAW Engines. Other RAW processing software is able to open these RAF files without issue. This is a popular camera which has been on the market since April 2016. I have only been able to edit/adjust X-T2 JPEG files using Affinity Photo. I would have thought that Affinity Photo/Serif should have been able to deliver RAW support for this particular Fujifilm RAF by now.


Do you have a solution, or when will Serif be able to provide X-T2 RAF support?

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Hi Len_O


I've managed to get some sample from the X-T2 and they open fine for me here. We generally only handle uncompressed RAW files so if compression has been applied this may be the cause. Are you able to provide a sample RAW file that does not open for you, you can upload it to this link here



Serif Europe Ltd - Check the latest news at www.affinity.serif.com

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Thanks for the response Chris,


This has all been somewhat baffling. I took the RAF, and instead of using the file open dialog I just dropped the file onto the Affinity Photo app icon. AP was not open. The RAF which would not open via the file open dialog yesterday opened today.


I then used the file open dialog with a different RAF and it opened. The Serif Labs RAW Engine was selected. 


As per your request I have still uploaded the RAF file which started all this, and I can only hope that somehow this issue has resolved itself.


Once again, thank you. 

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