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In my workflow, I often have to take an image that I've created in another program (a 3D program).  I set the background color there to be distinct from the object I want so that I can select it and make it transparent.  In AD, the process (the best one I could find) is the switch to Pixel, Rasterize, then Select -> Select Sampled Colors.  When I select the background color, the marquee does indeed seem to properly select the object.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really work this way.  If I cut (intending to cut out the background) color is lost from the object as well.  If I invert selection and cut (intending to cut the object for use elsewhere in AD) some of the background comes as if some of its color were still present.  I want the marquee to represent a clean separation between object and background so I can place my images with other layers in a final graphic file.  Essentially, I'm trying to treat "Select Sampled Colors" like magic wand.  Is there a way to do this?  The invert selection option seems to work better except that I still get a grayish, partially transparent box background instead of a fully transparent background.

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Welcome to the forum ctrodney :)


Without seeing the image it's hard to say what the best method is but when you have your selection you could use Refine Selection to modify the selection and remove parts of the selection that are not required. This video applies to Affinity Photo but the same options are in Affinity Designer :) 




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