This offer has expired and so this thread is locked   Finding the Offer If you Purchase Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo for Desktop (Mac or Windows, not iPad) OR you already own Affinity on Mac or Windows, then you can also download the free content in the launch offer by updating Affinity to 1.6 and click the "Claim Now" button in the Welcome screen. The offer is only open until November 16th, so hurry up    First Update the software to 1.6.x. Mac software bought from the Mac App Store (MAS) is updated through the MAS update tab. Windows software can be updated by running the App and pressing Download when prompted about the newer version.   Once you have installed the update, run the Affinity software (Designer or Photo) and the splash screen shows briefly, followed by the Welcome screen that looks like this   Affinity Photo Welcome Screen   Affinity Designer Welcome Screen   If you have the Welcome screen turned off (in Preferences) then you can still access the Welcome screen from the Help menu > "Welcome..." option
IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE SCROLLING OFFER, you will need to give your software firewall clearance in order to see the pages that looks like these attachments. On Windows you may also need to install Internet Explorer 10 or above. Some customers report they have needed to disable VPN networks . If that does not work and you are using the purchased version (not trial or beta) then please add to this thread and we will try to help.  Claiming Your Content Once you have clicked on the "Claim Now" in the software Welcome screen you will be taken to the Affinity Store (a shopping basket on our website) called "Your Order Summary", from which you can claim your content. Simply make an account by using the "NEW TO AFFINITY?" option on the store as you claim your content. (If you happen to have an account the New to affinity option will tell you anyway, so everyone can use that option) The free content will be added to the Downloads Section of your account and can be seen in future in your Affinity Store Order History.   IMPORTANT You will ONLY have an Affinity Store account if you have bought the Windows version of Affinity Designer or the Windows version of Affinity Photo or the Affinity Designer Workbook from our site Affinity.Store. If you bought the Mac version from the Mac App Store you need to create an Affinity Store account to claim the free content. Purchases from the Mac App Store (MAS) are ONLY in Apple's database and Affinity Mac owners DO NOT have an automatic Affinity Store account. A forum account is not an Affinity Store account, so if that's all you have you will need to create an account too. A Serif legacy account (used to buy the Plus range) is NOT an affinity store account, the databases are 100%independent.    Installing the Content Once you have downloaded the free content each zip file has instructions in an included PDF as to how to install it or use it in the appropriate Affinity application. Each one is different. As well as being inside the Zip files, you can also find these Quick start guides in English and German linked to in this resources post For the Photo Content there is also a video on the Uplift Epic Skies collection here