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[Fixed] PDF/X-1a exporting curves - text groups issue

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  • High Sierra
  • 1.5.5

Layer "Page 1" makes no issue, but when coming into the sublayer "3D Lack", which is again grouped containing curves i get the issue;

The group in the export gets rendered as Image. Verified as Pixel in Preview and reopening in Affinity Designer tells me the same.

Any Idea, what is wrong or what has to be changed. I worked around into ungrouping everything for my printing supplier.

Cheers, Andreas


PS:Hopefully PDF export will be prepress ready soon or the publisher fixing those issue!




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Hi Meb!

Thank you for quick response. I though normal is the default value - there my has been a design step on modifying blend and then I switch to normal instead of transfer.

I understand that blending is pixelbased, but its tricky to figure this out.

Have great day!

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