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I'm a great fan of James' video tutorials (thanks, James!) but the video on exposure bias and the develop assistant settings has me flummoxed - either I am totally missing what these settings are for, or they are not working as they should.

James explains that AP does not apply EB (based on the setting in exif) by default - which is where I started to get lost.  After all, the exposure compensation setting causes a "physical" change in the camera settings to achieve the desired result - so how can AP not apply these, I wondered - after all, that would mean AP ignoring what I told the camera to do.  To test, I took two RAW images based on -1/3 and plus 2 EVs, with aperture and ISO fixed so the variable was shutter speed.  The develop assistant setting was "do nothing" and on loading into AP, the images looked about what I was expecting - and compared near enough to Lightroom. "So far, so good" as someone one said...

I then tried the "initial state" and "default" options and in both cases the exposure bias was applied yet again, so doubled up - so effectively -2/3 and +4 based on what the camera "wanted" to do and -1/3 and +2 on what I had told it to do.

In summary, the results were:

No action - images as expected/wanted - slider setting 0

Initial state - image effects "applied again" up so darker or lighter than expected/wanted - slider setting being the EB/EV value

Default - image effects "applied again" so darker or lighter than expected/wanted - slider setting 0

I'm getting the results I want using "do nothing" so I'm leaving develop assistant on that - but why would I want to apply the EB/EV already applied to an image again so it doubles up?  If, as in James' video, I know that my camera consistently over/under exposes then I guess that might warrant a standard user setting to apply to all images from that camera, but even that must be inconsistent depending in the scene, I would have thought, and wouldn't be based on the exif data as this adjustment would aim to effectively override camera settings.

What am I missing?


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