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Not really a software question but didn't know where else to post

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Hi Folks, 


I'm after some help again.... 


So I really admire two very very good automotive photographers... Amy Shore and Laurent Nivalle. Both have a similar(ish) style and this extends to their editing process. I have read numerous interviews with both of them and they both mainly use Photoshop (Sorry to swear!) rather than lightroom and I am very keen to try and re-caprture their respective styles but by using Affinity Photo. 


I have attached two files which are photos from both Laurent and Amy respectively. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction to try and obtain the same style? Obviously I don't want to be copying their styles out right as that is not what photography is all about but I am very curious as to how to achieve this.  


Thanks folks, hope you can help.





All credit for the attached two images go to Amy and Laurent.

Amy Shore.jpg

Laurent Nivalle.jpg

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I'm not familiar with either Amy Shore or Laurent Nivalle, but posts in other forums talk about them using split toning and selective desaturation to achieve an old film look.

AP user, running Win10

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