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Scott Williams

Full Screen Preview.

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I like screen preview to press TAB. But could you change two small things:

Please hide Guide lines and Grid too!


Edit: I can´t use the short cut on german keyboard (Mac Book Pro).
It doesn't work!

It works, after press  ⇧+cmd+ ;   lol


MacBook Pro, iMac, Sierra 10.12.6



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A FullScreen Preview would be very useful. As it is now, I have to (1) export the image to a temp file, (2) open File Explorer, (3) locate the exported image, (4) open it with Irfanview, (5) press Enter to see it FullScreen (pixel-perfect size if smaller than screen, or scaled to fit if larger), (6) consider the view, (7) close Irfanview, (8) delete the exported temporary file, and finally (9) switch back to Designer.

That's a lot of work just to see the image without the distraction of surrounding widgets.


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Tab seems to be a way to continue working on the document without the side panels. Using Tab, the top menu bar is still visible, and if Rulers are on, they are also visible. If the image happens to be the same size as the screen, going 1:1 won't show the entire image because of these extra widgets. So Tab is no replacement for a simple FullScreen view. And going 1:1 doesn't quite solve the rendering problem because unless I turn on Pixel view mode I will still see the working design lines, not rendered output. Then I'll have to turn off Pixel view mode to get back to editing.

I understand the complications of fullscreen in a document with multiple artboards, but in my opinion, only the current artboard need be shown fullscreen. The concept is to quickly and easily see the particular image being worked on, rendered as if a PNG, without surrounding widgets. It is not a request to make a FullScreen Edit Workspace. The Tab view works fine for that, and personally I wouldn't want to get rid of the side panels at all if I could just get the fullscreen preview.

So, to repeat for clarity: if the image is smaller than the screen, it should render 1:1 in the center of the display, with a black background. No frame. No buttons. No labels. Nothing but the image. (I suppose the background color could be set in Preferences). If the image is larger than the display, it should be scaled to fit, and if the aspect ratio is different, any non-image area should be the background color. I suppose some people might want a larger document to be rendered 1:1 as well, and the mouse could drag the rendered view as needed. Perhaps the mouse wheel could even be used to zoom the rendered view. It depends on how much work you want to put into this, but for me the simple fullscreen render first mentioned would be enough.

ps. Thanks for being. Great software. Great forum.

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Another +1

I would also like a full screen preview, found this by searching through the forums to see if there was such an option.

I understand what is being said by pressing TAB, but I would love to see a borderless-fullscreen option so that when using my drawing tablet, all scrollbars, the title, and windows bar are all hidden. I know that the windows bar can be set to auto-minimize but that still will not give the level of fullscreen functionality I'm looking for.

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