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Hpapy Halolewen

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Great work as usual.
Obviously with this sort of thing there's no way that a viewer can know exactly what the artist was wanting to achieve but I have a few tiny comments:
* Small skeleton on the left can be partially seen behind the "picture frame" (same with the one second from right);
* Left-hand picture frame can be seen "in" the one to its right;
* Second small skeleton on the left seems to be coloured by the blood it is sitting on (same with the third from right a little bit);
* Third small skeleton from the left seems to be standing in the air bubble without bursting it.
These are all tiny issues that really don't matter though. Just thought I'd bring them up in case you'd not noticed.

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You're welcome.
I don't think it's a "good sense for fineness" but simply that I can be a bit too picky at times, especially with other people's work.
Having said that, I've found that when people criticise my work - in a constructive way - it's usually a good chance for me to improve something so I usually welcome that.

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