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So most of these are just photos I took and edited in Affinity Photo, however the Jason vs Jason does have a new background put in. I know these are dark, but I was going for a darker mood when I edited these.

Clockwork 01.jpg

Jason vs Jason 01.jpg

Leatherface 01.jpg

Leviathan 01b.jpg

Edited by photogeek
Changed title to be less seasonal.

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I'm not a photographer but I have some comments as a general viewer:

First Image

* The figure is floating - because the reflection is way below the figure - but it seems to be in a walking stance. This spoils the picture for me as my brain doesn't know which is correct and keeps flicking between the two. If you can float, why walk? (The reflection looks very nice though.)

Second Image

* The figures are out of focus. That doesn't seem right to me, unless the wall is the subject.
* I'm not sure if the white lines above some of the bricks work for me. They especially don't look great zoomed in.
* The bricks at the bottom have some very strange shapes. Not sure what's happened there.

Third Image

* The figure has some dark outlines - e.g. shoulder in front of the nebula - which don't look right. Maybe shoot the model with more ambient light first?
* The background has a much higher resolution than the figure and that makes the figure look less focused.
* The glow you've created at the top-left has very pronounced linear "edges". You could try and fix this quickly by using transparency.

Don't get me wrong, they are nice images, but they are slightly spoilt by some things that the eye catches quite easily. Once the eye sees a problem it's difficult not to keep seeing it.

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