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Slice position and dimensions not the same as artboard

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I'm using AD mainly for webdesign, which works great.

At the moment I'm on a print project and I've been struggling with export tools: slices sizes and position. 


I created a test business card and the slices don't match with the artboard.

The resulting PDF shows white lines (TestCard.pdf), I assume, corresponding to the positioning and size error between slice and artboard.

Based on an answer by MEB the position and size were done whole numbers (Capturar-1.PNG).



But on Export Persona, size and position changes (Capturar-2.PNG).



Surely there must be a way to avoid this...



While writing this, it occurred to me that maybe the slices uses px as units and not mm, which means the conversion from mm to px, results in decimal numbers. Is this it???

If so, how to work around it?

This is for an online digital printing service, so, no bleeding.








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The quick fix for this was to increase the artboard 1mm width and height and center the slice in it.

Still to answer, why the slice width field changes from 85mm to 84,9207 mm...

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