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The only option for File>Place... is Affinity Files

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In AD, when I try to place a file (File>Place...), the only option in the 'Open' pop-up in the lower right corner is Affinity Files.  I cannot place jpg, pdf etc. 

This seems to have only occurred since updating to Windows 10 (now 1709).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application but that has not solved the issue.


Many thanks,



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Many thanks for the quick reply.  The problem seems to have resolved itself (?restart of Windows?).  The issue was that in the pop-up window there was no parenthesis with all the various file extensions listed and none of the relevant files showed up in the explorer window.  All it said was 'Affinity Files' and that's it - clicking on the box also only showed 'Affinity Files' with no list of file types.


Again, thanks for the quick reply and just glad it resolved itself.


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