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vector command depends on the chosen “DPI”

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Oval's remarks are valuable. He points out bugs in Affinity Designer and is very detailed about them. Imagine those bugs to be fixed by the Affinity developers and how polished the software would then be. No more need to be cursing at a screen, or use another software. Why I would have to buy Sketch to make the designs if it is enough to buy Affinity Designer and stick with it? Currently the Designer has some UI design features but they are buggy, outdated and the experience of using it is average. Why not to improve on what already exists and conquer the professional customers hearts? Maybe some kind of an issue tracker would be great to have to look at.

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I do understand, Oval, and I never meant to question the validity of your initial observation. Nonetheless, I think we will have to look at the overall situation here, in particular the communicative situation.

As far as I see it, this forum is characterised by a fundamental communicative asymmetry. On the one side, there are the developers who stand in for their work, for their ideas, for everything they are passionate about in their professional lives with their names, while on the other side, there is this large anonymous number of users who will never be held accountable for anything they say here. Simply because they are anonymous. And in your case, I don’t even know to whom I am talking. You are a group of seven different people, obviously, and I cannot imagine that you have precisely the same sentiments on every single issue whatsoever. But I digress. Let us just have a look at the basic asymmetries. Common sense should tell us that some rhetoric strategies will not work, given these asymmetries. They will only create frustration on both sides, as witnessed by the evolution of this thread.

For the present case, I think it was clear from earlier discussions that Expand Stroke gives different results when applied to objects of different size. The results will be unfortunate for very small objects. But from the previous discussion of the issue in other threads, it was clear to me that the “smallness” of an object must be measured against a fixed standard, and it was also clear that this standard cannot be anything else but the document granularity, as Patrick Connor described in his detailed answer. So I got the impression that you are pointing at the very same issue, but only from a different perspective. Therefore I asked the question, whether it makes sense to repeat the same observations over and over again. Of course, I also wonder if an issue tracker would help. Nonetheless, this very same issue has surfaced so often in recent discussions that I was at a loss to explain why you mentioned it again, in a new thread. You could have added your observation to one of the other threads as a side note.

I think we must acknowledge that the developers are currently confronted with the task of having to get out version 1.6 to the App Store. So it is highly unlikely that they will care for the Expand Stroke function or for new snapping options for the drawing tools in the next weeks. This is just too risky, as it might introduce new bugs. And I can only imagine that it will just create frustration on the side of the developers, if we cannot wait at least for version 1.6 before we remind them of what they promised to prioritise. I think everyone has a private list of what they would like to have solved.

Well, this is how I am looking at the situation. Call me naive, but in the end, we are all human beings here … ;)


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I think the current store version is not supposed to be 1.6, because the 1.5 Expand Stoke is more accurate.

However AD is still the most software I love, because it has potential and the developer teams are great and cool, but they have just made a little bit mistake about release plan.

I'm happy to see bugs in any beta rather than in store version.


I do not much worry about the Expand Stroke in the beta because I know it's going to be fixed soon. They are rewriting the structure of this feature, and it maybe takes times.

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