It's only a matter of time until someone realizes that an alternative to LR would be a winner. I was a PS & LR user & went to the subscription versions. The decided to start using Affinity Photo but still using LR. Adobe with their new setup is the start of subscription only software. I believe that the LR Classic as they are calling what was LR will be phased out or merged into LR CC they new cloud based version. The are discontinuing LR6 the stand alone version, so with only subscription versions available I don't believe anything they say - they will have just 1 version, cloud based & high priced. PLEASE develop a DAM, its a database not rocket science so we can support a company who thinks of their users & yes charge for every upgrade its only fair. Read web blogs & forums on LR - no one wants the new set-up except a very few. Love Affinity Photo BTW - learning curve not as steep as Photoshop was.