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problem with a complex document that contains many objects

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Affinity is otherwise excellent,  but it hangs whenever I select all or a large subset of items in a small document with MANY thousand small vector objects.  I have the document as a pdf - but I think it was originally produced by CAD software. Any help? or suggestions? 


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Thats important for me too..

My Company imports usualy printed Cad Plans as pdf´s that usualy where imported to Photoshop as linked embedded Objects..  So that when the Design of the plan changed, they only had to print again into the same folder and Photoshop would recognise it and change the imported objects...

In Affinity Photo, the imported PDFS  dont get rasterised as in Photoshop, so you get thousands of imported vektorshapes from the embeded pdf files..  

I understand the idea behind this..  Affinity wants us to be still able to change the vektorgraphic elements you import...  But thats only a good idea for smal Vektorgraphic elements and no way good for big architectural plans..   Because as you say, the imported Cad pdfs slow down affinity enormously..


so i would like to be able to have the option to import pdf´s the same way as in Photoshop as rasterised elements, because in this case its by far easier and faster ...


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I too work with rather complex vector diagrams of 2D floorplans that include air condition ducting.

I would like to be able to clean up the floorplans of unneccessary details, such as comments or furniture.

To do this it is advantageous to have the item imported in as seperate vector objects as opposed to an image map.  I used to clean them up in adobe illustrator (ie select items by colour, stroke width, text, etc.) and was hoping to do the same in Affinity Designer.... however the import option has taken 10-15min and still hasn't opened the single page floorplan and doesn't look to be trying very hard too (ie. 20% CPU utilisation).

Any update coming for PDF import speed?

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