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newbie questions about "tonal contrast"

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I am currently using Snapseed in my Samsung tablet for my photo editing and I am planning to move to iPad Pro + Affinity Photo for my next upgrade.

So, I am playing around with Affinity Photo (trial version) in my Windows PC to know more about Affinity Photo and I am impressed with its features and capability.

My question is : may I know if there is a feature / tool that is similar to "tonal contrast" in Snapseed ? I suppose it has something to do with "Tonal Mapping" persona, but I can't figure out how it works.

Perhaps there is a video tutorial somewhere that I can look into?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions and feedback.



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Hi Dodonizer,


Welcome to the forums,


The Tone mapping can be used to get a similar effect to the one you get when you use the Tonal Contrast tool in Snapseed. I will include some Tone mapping tutorials below :)








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