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Not sure what you mean, copy/cut and place are two very different things.


Copy and cut are clipboard operations (along with paste), place is a filing operation.


What did you want to do, exactly.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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If the meaning of your question is whether a "copy" or "cut" object is placed exactly in the same place when you have "paste", the answer is yes.

If you want to "place" a photo where you "cut" an object, the answer is no. As @toltec said, these are two totally different things. In addition, the photo should be the same size as the cut object. In this case you could note the exact values of the location of the cut object (in the "Transform" panel of the studio) and you should enter the same values for the placement of the photo.

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It is about pasting object at same place where you copy it. Or cut it. It is working on on artboard but i found that when it is out of bounds it is not placed on same place...

Try this. Get some object out of bounds of artboard. Duplicate it with drag and alt key (on mac). Cut or copy that duplicate and paste it. You will see it will be placed on original object, not on one where you cut/copy it...

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OK Peternel, I see the problem better now.

I have more or less the same behavior under Windows:If I duplicate an object placed out of the artboard with "Ctrl / Cmd J", the copy is placed on the original object.

If I use "Ctrl / Cmd C" then "Ctrl / Cmd V" the copy is placed at the horizontal center of the artboard and at the height of the original object.

With "Ctrl X" then "Ctrl / Cmd V" the copy is also placed at the horizontal center of the artboard and at the height of the original object.

So it seems that to paste the copy on the original object (out of the arboard) it is only necessary to use "Ctrl / Cmd J", and this excludes the use of "Ctrl + X".


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It sounds like a feature of Serif's 'Web Plus' program for Windows. The feature was called 'Paste in Place'. It applies when copying or moving objects from one page of a web site another page on the same web site. It allowed an object on one drawing to be copied or cut and then pasted in exactly the same place on another page. 

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