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John Anderson

Additional layers created when using Divide function in Affinity Designer

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I'm new to the product so this could just be a newbie error.  I've purchase Designer and am running on Windows 10.

The issue is this: When I draw a shape with the pen tool then copy/paste it using the Alt-drag option.  I overlay the two layers offset and click the 'divide' button to create a third layer with the path for the overlapped section.  But it creates additional layers and regardless how I delete them nothing turns out right.


I'm following an video tut on how to draw an ice-cream.  So far so good and the Divide function has been working well up to now.  I have tried saving and closing the app then re-opening but nothing seems to work.


I have created a video so you can see what is happening.  maybe you can tell if its something I'm doing.  I've also attached the file I'm working on.








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Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, John. :)


Your video is blank in both of the browsers that I used to try to view it, but if you're having problems with the mouth in your drawing it's because of a known bug in the Geometry operations when the shape includes smart nodes. Click on the bottom node of the original mouth curve to select it, and then press the 'Convert to Smooth' button on the Context toolbar. When you duplicate and move the curve thus amended, you should find that the 'Divide' operation works correctly.


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