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Tom Schülke

how to distribute predefined Brushes and categorys across several Computer in networks

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Hi Everyone,

i prepared some brushes for Architects, to ease their workflow in constructing floorplans. For example special Trees as Brush tips.. and so on.

Now, we´ve got about 120 Seats in Affinity Photo at the moment, and it would be nice if our admins could distribute those preconstruced Brushes all over the network, by using our matrix sofware depot.

so where inside the programm do new brushes get installed, and where are there new entrys in any inis, we would have to distribute ?


thanks a lot..



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Hi everyone,

No ideas Yet ?    Pleas dear Admins ,   what would be the solution for this ?  how can i automatically install custom brushes over the network on some hundred computers ?  where would i have to copy my brushes ore how to change ini´s  ?



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Hallo Affinity Team,

Could you pleas just throw me a short answer ?   Can i do this ?  Can i install brushes ore predefined colors or macros   over a network simultaniously on about 150 Computer ?  (not manualy from each of those Comupters seperated )



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Hi Tom Schülke,

I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. The brushes are added to two files (raster_brushes.propcol and vector_brushes.propcol) in the following location:


You will also find all other user files like macros, object styles etc there. Install the brushes on one machine first, then copy and distribute these files over the network. Note however that:

  • The user will lose any brushes they might have added themselves and ONLY have the ones that was stored in the two file mentioned above when it was distributed.
  • Any new users who haven’t logged onto that machine will not get the brushes as they won’t have the files in AppData
  • Doing a Ctrl run up will lose any of these brushes.


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