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Using fx on Layers in iPad

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Need some advice...help....

I have an image consisting of a number of layers. I wish to use “outer glow effect” on one of the layers. I select that layer and go to fx studio. There I can switch on “outer glow”, and reduce opacity, but I don’t have any controls over the bottom of the page, that i need to adjust aspects of the glow...nothing there. This is the same for all listed effects.

I have seen videos where outer shadow has been used...and there are controls across the bottom of the screen governing depth, transparency etc.....i just cant get them. There are no tutorials for iPad that i can find on using effects. Have I missed something here? I have reloaded the images and restarted Affinity a number of times...the fx controls don’t appear.

Have I missed something? I could easily manipulate fx on the same image on my MacBook to produce the desired effect...using the controls available. I just cant seem to get them on the iPad.

Any suggestions?


Affinity Photo

ipad Pro 12.9 iOS 11.1

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Beverley...thanks so much...i had one of those...”go back and try again moments” after i posted...and discovered clicking on the words....sheesh....I much appreciate your help. I had been at it for over an hour...you’d think I would have hit the button accidentally in that time...but no....lol......many thanks.

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Ik heb hier ook een vraag over.

kan ik de fx laag ook loskoppelen?

ik heb het geprobeerd door in het menu opslaan fx te gebruiken, maar dan wordt alles gekopieerd en niet alleen de schaduw.

ik wil dat graag gebruiken om een schaduw achter mijn onderwerp aan te brengen en die dan aan te passen en te verplaatsen


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