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AP CMYK conversion = weird colours

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I was trying to prepare images for a print job and ran into a problem when converting to CMYK.

In AP I added a Soft Proof layer, chose the CMYK ICC profile in question and made all my adjustments. Then I unselected the SP layer, converted to the ICC profile and saved the result as a TIFF file.

The first screenshot shows the RGB stage, the second screenshot shows the resulting CMYK converted file. There is a significant colour shift/desaturation between the softproof display and the actual conversion.

Any ideas what could have gone wrong here?


I ended up going back to Photoshop for the CMYK separation and ran into another problem: the CMYK TIFF file from Photoshop displayed as blank white when opened in AP or AD. I had to export to PSD in order for AP/AD to see the file.



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Hi Thomas_A


I'm going to guess that the conversion was done via Document > Colour format and not by simply exporting the a cmyk tiff? Either option I would expect a colour shift.


If you converted the document in app before the export, if the adjustments are not flattened you are applied CMYK adjustments rather than RGB ones which will behave differently as a differently as it is now a different colour space. If you did flatten the adjustments I would still expect a shift especially if the soft proof was not included. From your layer structure you are sort proofing the image to cmyk then applying adjustments on top of that. If flattened with the soft proof turned off, the conversion is being placed after the adjustments instead of before so what is being converted is different . This is the same case if the conversion was done in the export dialog to tiff


I've been able to open a CMYK TIFF from PS without any issue, are you exporting the tiff with any particular options (such as bit depth, layers, a particular profile)?



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