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Christophe J.

Crashing resolved.

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Hello fellow AP,


I was experiencing some serious crashing when trying to exit <- to the main menu. Ipad pro 12.9 2017 iOS 11. AP

I made some adjustments in the adjustments menu, section general. I reduced the undo limit to the minimum 8 and set autosave interval also to the minimum.


After that I opened a 6000*4000 16bit rgb image. 


I put every adjustment layer on top.

After that I started to add live filters. 


After having all adjustment layers on there an having added six live filters  the processing started to slow way down, but no crashing.


I can now easily return <- home.


Exporting or flattening this file takes longer than I was willing to wait.


After manually having merged all layers I enden up with a 280MB PSD file or 22MB JPG.


 I need to experiment some more to see if this a long term solution.


Please see if this reduces the crashing in your edits as I realy look forward to seeing this program become an industry standard.



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