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5 basic usability requests for Affinity Designer

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I love Affinity Designer, please keep up the good work.

It's coming along nicely, but I have run into some basic usability issues that significantly slow down my workflow.

I think these would be useful for most users. 


  1. Please add some form of vector trace - I am still keeping other vector apps for just this 1 feature.
  2. The Selection Marquee can’t select layers within groups - can this be added as an option or to the direct selection tool.
    • With large documents, finding and selecting multiple layers really slows down the workflow.
  3. When ungrouping from a hidden group the layers don’t become hidden (which I would prefer) and I have to do that manually.
    • Can they stay hidden by default unless I unhide the group and then ungroup,
  4. Can I change the highlight colour In Export tab
    • When zoomed out with alot of slices. I can’t tell which slices I have chosen unless I have them all both selected and ticked.
  5. Please enable macros - this would be useful for many repetitive tasks making long shadows for example


Again thanks for a great application. These are just suggestions (apart from number 1).


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