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Possible to Export to Onedrive?

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I'm working on an Affinity file that I created in Affinity Photo (AP). When I try to export a jpeg of the file to Onedrive, I do not have the option to export to Onedrive, only to iCloud and certain apps on my IPP (and not even AP is listed as an option). Am I correct in assuming I cannot export a converted file to Onedrive? This is confusing because I'm sure that before updating to IOS 11 I exported a converted file (PSD and PDFs) to Onedrive...


How do I export a converted file? And for that matter, how do I save a copy of the AP file onto Onedrive? (I know this 2nd question was kind of answered in another thread but I didn't quite understand). I don't have any iCloud space as such and even Dropbox (which I don't normally use) is greyed out. 


Thanks, Jen



P.S. On a completely different topic, when I imported a PSD file with text into AP, AP read text layers as objects on a pixel layer so I couldn't actually edit the text. I had to recreate the text boxes and layers. Is that normal?

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Hi Impatientelephant,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

With the release of iOS11 most cloud service providers are updating their API's to work with Files app on the iPad. Dropbox and Google Drive already updated their apps and they now appear as options when exporting files from Affinity Photo. This is what may be happening with OneDrive. They probably have to update their API as well. To save a copy directly from the Welcome screen tap the small menu icon on the bottom right of the file's thumbnail and select Save A Copy. If the file is already opened then tap the Document icon on the top left of the interface  and select Save A Copy. Both will open a Files app type dialog from where you can choose the cloud service you want to use to save the file. I will install and check the OneDrive app to check what's going on.


Regarding PSD files and editable text, go to Affinity Prefrences, General section and enable Import PSD text as text (not pixel layers).

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Thanks MEB. So I just figured out that I CAN export the converted files. When I go to the Export screen, I have to click on the "Share" bottom on the bottom left and it gives me the option to export to Onedrive. After the export I cancel the export. So I got the outcome I wanted but the interface is a little counterintuitive since I end up ultimately "cancelling" the export.

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