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[Affinity Designer] Changing Language Doesn't Reflect in Some Sections

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The default language setting was Japanese which I assume it because I'm using Japanese OS.

I changed the setting Japanese to English.

However, some sections remains showing Japanese texts.

I attached jpegs showing where the texts remain.



Windows7 64bit

Affinity Designer Ver


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Hi tk_juice,

This is a known issue and is caused by the presets being written away using your original language to your %AppData% when the software is first launched. If you hold down Ctrl when starting the application you will get a 'Clear User Data' dialog appear.

From that ensure just the following are ticked

  • Reset Object Styles
  • Reset Text Styles
  • Reset File Export Presets
  • Reset Snapping Options Presets
  • Reset Fills
  • Reset Brushes
  • Reset Crop Tool Presets
  • Reset Assets

and then click 'Clear'. They should all then appear in English.

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