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Luis Alberto

Low quality rendering while working on document

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Using iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation running iOS 11.0 and Affinity Photo 1.6.5


Text, shapes and vectors are rendered in very low quality while working on the document.  This, of course, does not happen in the desktop version (Photo or Designer).  This is a huge disruption as it is a mayor distraction while working; what you are trying to accomplish is not being presented faithfully on screen.  When the document is exported it’s apparently rendered appropriately, yet I can’t see this while working?


I’m EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and you have now idea how much I regret buying this software, and I’m seeing pages upon pages of other bugs being reported :-(  Wasn’t this supposed to be desktop quality software for a pro tablet?


Attatchments: first photo shows working environment, second photo shows exported file.




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What DPI is the document set to? At 300 DPI you shouldn't really be seeing jaggy edges unless you are zoomed in quite far. At 72 DPI I would expect to see jaggy edges. I can get to about 300% zoom on the iPad at 400 DPI before it starts looking rough.

What is the size of your document and what DPI are you using? Can we have a copy of the .afphoto file please? 

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