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app quits when add symbol on the page - video

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I have a big problem. When I drag a new symbol on the page, the app quit suddenly !

See video to show this problem.

If I create a new artboard and drag all the layers in this new artboard, and delete the older, it works fine … for few time (2 minutes or more than 20 !).

It's very strange ! But, now I can't work anymore with the file.

I try this (but same problem) :

- on 2 differents iMac . a recent one (4 GHz Intel Core i7. 16 Go 1867 MHz DDR3. AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 Mo). and an older one (6 years old)

- use "save as…"

- use hardware openGL and/or only integrated GPU (in preferences)

what can I do ?

Thanks for your help !


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