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Overlays in "Develop" – Tricky Questions

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Hello, regarding overlays in the "Develop" persona, i have some questions and would like to get clarification (sorry, coming from non-English version):

1. I cannot use some functions for overlays. It seems that i cannot use any sharpening, denoising, curves and clarity. I *can* use "Exposure", "Saturation", "White Balance" etc. So there's no *local* sharpening or noise reduction on raw file editingin "Develop". Right?

2. Regarding the Overlays panel: To activate a specific overlay, i have to click them in the Overlays panel. There aren't "pins" in the image.

3. Regarding the Overlays panel 2: If i have 2 or 5 overlays, they all appear alike as "Brush Overlay" in the Overlays panel. It's difficult to know which "Overlay" entry refers to which image area, because in the panel the overlays aren't numbered or clarified by a mask thumbnail. Or do i miss something? (Same applies seemingly to "Graduated Overlays" – if you have 2 or more graduated overlays, they all appear alike as "Graduated Overlay" in the Overlays panel. But here, upon clicking "Overlay", you see the red mask and the marquee, which makes recognition easier than with Brush Overlays where upon clicking, nothing in the image display changes.)


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Hi EnoEnrique,

1. Yes, some of the controls will appear greyed out for overlays.

2. Yes. You have to select/highlight the one you want to use in the Overlay panel.

3. This is problematic yes. If some of the adjustments are subtle it's quite difficult to identify the corresponding overlay. I believe the iPad version already has a control to display the ruby overlay over the image even after we have made some adjustments but as far as i know it's not present on the desktop version. I will check this and raise the issue with the dev team.

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