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Clone stamp and apple pencil

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1.6.5 on iPad Pro 2015.


I can't set the clone stamp source with apple pencil. I click and hold and nothing happens.

If I do it with my finger it works.

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Hey Voxen,


The Apple Pencil doesn't do gestures (long press) so this is actually by design. The on-screen modifiers should mitigate this though. You can enable it from Preferences > Interface > On-screen modifier keys. Then when you are back to the Clone Tool, navigate the bar at the bottom using the small white arrow until you see 'Set Source'. 


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Thanks for your reply.


According to this site, long pressure should be detected (I don't have my iPad with my to check right now):



Long presses are also acceptable, meaning you can use the Pencil to delete apps or open a link in a new tab.


So if iOS supports that gesture, AP could do it too I guess.

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Hey Voxen,


I think the problem is that how would the app know when you are picking or painting? It works with your finger because it is still and steady and has a wider area. With the Pencil, it can slip and has a smaller surface area.


It could probably be made to work if you can put the Pencil back on the exact pixel so the app knows you've already picked that area and you can begin painting. What if you pick an area and decide to pick a different area, it would paint instead. 


As far as I know development looked into it and it wasn't working well. So rather than it not working well, they just didn't include it—I think that's the crux of it. 

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