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“Unable to load document” error

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While editing a Photo I double-tapped with two fingers, to make image go full screen, but Affinity Photo interpreted It as a single two finger tap, displaying the context menu, followed by a single tap on the Delete menu. Argh! In a split second my photo and adjustments were deleted and no prompt for confirmation was given. Then when in returned to the main screen my photo was still there but when I clicked on the image I got “Loading Failed. Unable to load document.” error. 


Edit: Ok so the error confused me for a minute. It didn’t delete the photo just the selected layer. After restarting Photos I was able to open the photo and was presented with a transparent image. I then proceeded to delete this photo before realising that I could have simply undone the layer delete. :(


A nice little bug for you...




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Hey Ivan,


Sorry to hear you lost your work :(


We could probably move the context menu to make it appear slightly further away from your fingers. With a few attempts, I can actually reproduce what you did, be it cutting or deleting the layer but while also pressing the transparent area with another finger. 

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Hi Chris B,

Moving the menu slightly sounds like a reasonable solution to me. Thank you.

Do you have any idea why after returning to the main screen and then immediately clicking on the same document it displayed the "Unable to load document" error? After restarting Photo I was then able to load this document.

Although I have come across a few minor bugs like these Affinity Photo for iPad is an amazing product. I absolutely love it. Well done everyone.

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I have absolutely no idea, in all honesty, but I have seen this behavior before. I've just logged it with development along with a video of how to reproduce it so I imagine this will get fixed pretty quickly.

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