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Moving one artboard will invalidate all export slice positions!

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I have a document in AD with multiple artboards. Each artboard is an export slice. 

If I move one artboard to a most left or top position in the document (the artboard's position is shown with a negative x,y during drag) then that position will be the new 0,0 position and all other artboards will be updated accordingly. But all the export slices will not be updated to the new coordinates! Therefore they are all wrong afterwards :-(




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Hi Rudi


I've been trying this and slices created from the artboard and object on the artboard do move to the correct position when the artboard is moved for m. Are your slices created form objects or are they ones that you have manually created? There is a known issue with manually created ones when moving artboards.


Are you able to provide any sceenshots or video to demonstrate what you are seeing



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