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EPS files not exporting correct color data

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I am having issues with affinity designer eps exports.  There seems to be some type of issue with how text colors are exported.  When using any number of vinyl cutting software, the eps file doesn't seem to render the correct color of my text.  This happens with regular text, and text that has been converted to curves.  I have discovered that exporting out of adobe illustrator has the same effect unless the option to (embed fonts for other applications) is turned on. Once fonts are embeded in the eps file, the colors are preserved.  This seems to be the issue that I am having with the eps export in affinity.  


When I open an affinity eps file in textedit, I can see that all text is saved as curves.  When opening an eps file that was created in adobe, text is saved as a font.


So question is, can you set up an option in the affinity eps export to enable the embedding of fonts?  I am happy to send private copies of my files if you would like to see them.  

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I've been using the beta and downloaded the new one today as well.  The EPS file looks fine until it is opened with vinyl cutting software (free demo version at signcutpro.com).


I've included partial screen shots of what I'm talking about.


First file is original image from Affinity.

Second file is image after eps imported into SignCut - Notice incorrect color

third file is cut lines interpreted from file import of eps.


If eps file is imported into Adobe illustrator and then saved as .ai file or if I use the SignCut plug-in, the file is rendered correctly.  This leads me to conclude that there is some type of issue with the export within Affinity.  Until this can get resolved, I am not able to use Affinity as a replacement to Adobe or my sign business.  There must be something that can be done?





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We don't currently support embedded fonts in EPS. We may add it one day, but it's unlikely to be any time soon. Sorry.


Whether text is exported as curves or as (non-embedded) fonts is determined by a check-box in the File => Export panel, which was added in the public beta.


I wouldn't expect embedding fonts to affect colour. If you create a simple file with a rectangle and a single letter both the same colour, they come out as different colours in the vinyl?

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No, if I create a rectangle and a single letter both in the same color, they come out in the same color. But when I create them in a different color, The sign software only cares about the outline colors so that you can separate them and print them on different vinyl colors.  This is when the colors get misinterpreted.  


first file is simple black rectangle with red Affinity.

second file is after imported into SignCut software.  - notice black background became white and red lettering became pink

third file is outline interpretation. It would be difficult to print out only the word Affinity due to the fact that it is not all in one color.


Now, I can edit the colors in SignCut software but it shouldn't have to be done if all of the letters are the same color in the first place.


I've been blaming it on SignCut software but this doesn't seem to happen when I use Adobe Illustrator.




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