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Downloads from Cloud services,(non iCloud)

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Perhaps, some kind soul might be able to help. I have been uploading much up my work to 2 cloud services, Dropbox and pCloud. This afternoon I attempted to download several photos RAW and Jpg, only to see them download into the ether, never showing up on Affinty. What few images that I have on iCloud, no issues, but these two other sites don’t seem to plat well with Affinity. Am I missing something or screwing something up?


Any help would be most appreciated.

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Hi ThomasM,


I see from your other post you are using IOS 11.  I've done some looking into this and found the following post from Dropbox and in the comments they state: 'Support for the Files app will be coming next week in a new IOS app for Dropbox.'   There are also other reports on their forum of this feature not working.  I suspect Dropbox will release an update at some point this week to support the Files App.


With pCloud when i access that in the Files App (outside of Affinity Photo) i just get a message saying 'pCloud does not currently support opening file for editing.'  So looks like pCloud need to update their app to work with IOS 11.  

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