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Hi there,


I just started with Affinity Photo on PC.

I wanted to make a collage; I know how to place the individual images in a new document (canvas) with specific dimensions. When I add the images to the collage (they are screenshots from the desktop), I see the borders of the program I used to open the screen content in the first place, so I recut them already in Photo. When it comes to place these images into the new document (canvas) I created, somehow the borders appear again even though I made the recut. My most important question now is: how can I crop these images inside the document (again), as an image layer or after rasterisation of these? When I use the crop tool in the tool bar left, it would just let me crop the whole canvas, even if I selected the specific layer. And I don't want to use the eraser tool, just crop my selected image after pasting it in the collage-canvas. 


Thanks for your help! 

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On the new document you can use the "rectangular marque tool" to make the selection wanted , than invert de selection an hit delete

Affinity Photo 

Windows 10 Home  1903 (build 18362.175) - 64 bit processor - AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics  1.50GHz - RAM 8,00 GB
Calibrated Monitor (Datacolor Spyder5 Pro)


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Use the Shape tool to create a rectangle



use the Transform panel to set the size.



Clink "Insert inside the selection"



Go File > Place and it will open the filer, choose a file, such as this, and click Open.



Drag the pointer over the rectangle to size the image. You will get a crop preview.


The image is "cropped" by the rectangle.


The original size is show by the blue bounding box, you can now move, rotate and "crop" the images how you want.

Hit Escape to deselect and move the rectangle, or start again.


Note that the Insert inside the selection only works once. You will have to click it each time you insert a new image.


If you want to edit it later, just double click and the bounding box will reappear. That will also show a Replace Image button on the Toolbar., click that to open a new image to replace the existing one.


Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Cropping in Affinity Photo is non-destructive, which is why after you crop an image and copy and paste it into a new document you see the image before the crop occurred.

When making your collage, after you crop an image, right click the layer and select Rasterise.  This will make the crop permanent and you can then copy and paste into another document with the results you would expect to see.

Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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