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The affinity app on iPad doesn’t support Hebrew.

In the last 4 years I have seen some apps that doesn’t have rtl full support - but none of them was unable to use like affinity

u cant even write one line. Why u don’t add rtl? We don’t need full support , just the text going rtl. The iPad do it automatically with EVERY APP.

please fix this.

(5 years ago - photoshop for os fix this issue-  before the MacBook didn’t  had Hebrew support. The iPad is fully Hebrew support from the start. Even I right now u don’t adding this feature to os and windows version- please add it on the iPad - it’s simple


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I sorely need this feature supported! It’s the only thing preventing me from making the full transition from photoshop!

BTW, does the Mac version of affinity photo/designer have the same issue with RTL text?

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