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Batch, Tone Mapping, macros and another bugs

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Hi !

Recently I purchased Affinity Photo and it's my first post here :) I fall in love affinity Photo features, workflow and monthly fees free concept, but some bugs are really dissapointing. Considering to switch from adobe products to Affinity Photo, because it completely covers my needs. Really wish success to you, guys, and know how important feedbacks is, so there is one.

Please forgive me, if I created theme in a wrong forum tree.

I'm working in IT, my system is fast and clean, so please don't advise to turn off antivirus or smth. like that :) I already tried to tweak my machine perfomance, Affinity Photo perfomance and so on, but nothing helps.

Have zero speed issues with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop in described scenarios. They fast and furious :)


My laptop specs: ASUS ZenBook UX330UA: Intel Core i5 6200U 2300 MHz / 13.3" / 3200x1800 / 8Gb RAM / 256Gb SSD / Intel HD Graphics 520 / Win 10 Pro

 Affinity Photo version:

 Affinity Photo BETA version:


What I found during my work:

1) Tone Mapping persona is very slow. I'm processing 16MB 6114x4076 JPEG files and it takes about 1 minute to finish initial processing when swithcing to Tone Mapping Persona. Beta version, maybe, little bit faster. Not very noticable.

2) I created my own tone mapping preset and save it in my own folder in Tone Mapping Persona presets. After that, I created macros with one tone mapping action (which uses my preset) and save it in Affinity Photo library. Then, I created one batch job with 5 files and launched it -  all my files were processed and placed into output folder correctly. Then, I closed Affinity Photo, relaunched it, and repeat my batch job in the same way. Photos were processed, BUT they were tone mapped by first default preset, not with my own. I tried to repeat and this hapened again. I recreated macros and found that it works fine. Closed Affinity Photo agian, relaunched it, and found that macros didn't work correctly again. Issue is reproduced not only with bacth mode. After relaunching Affinity Photo simple macros calling from library causes the same effect.

3) Tone Mapping macros batch processing is extremely SLOOOW!! IT takes about 3 minutes to process each photo by this way. More than, one photo processing time increasing with increasing of total photo number in batch. More photos, more time need for one photo processing. More than, Parallel processing increasing one photo processing time to about TEN minutes! Maybe, there is another way to tone mapping batch of photos, but I didn't find it.

4) I tried to do such macros batch job in Affinity Photo Beta. It cann't create tone mapping macros at all, failing with error. Macros Import from stable Affinity Photo version doesn't help. After such import Beta version cann't be launched, it fails during startup with error.

5) Time to time I'm catching another interesting bug: Studio refuses drag&drop photo import from folder. Studio reset helps.

6) Clarity in develop persona creates freaky white poster objects border effects on high meanings;

7) Develop Persona shadow recovery seems to be broken. It only adding grey tint to shadows, instead of pulling it.

8) Why after applying Develop Persona processing I can't return to it back again? History isn't saved.

9) 2 stops exposure Develop Persona tuning isn't enough. Need about 5 stops.

10) Develop Persona brushes and filters masks are dissapear after options tuning and cann't be called back again. Need to recreate filter/brush again.

11) Batch job editor doesn't remember previous settings


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Addressing some points from the top of my head:


The HDR macro option got excluded during the beta and is supposed to be introduced again later on.


fhe shadows recovery is a known issue/ bug, the shadow and highlights live filter in the photo persona should give better results 


The raw develope step is destructive and can not be re adjusted 

a non destructive raw development is on the roadmap 





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