Log of user actions to help with bug reporting?

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It seems that a log of user actions would be beneficial when people report bugs in the beta.

That way the team can easily see what was done just prior to things going wrong.


Maybe there could be an option in the Help menu to "report bug", "send log" or upload the log in a new topic on the forum?


Ideally, it would be opt in. Maybe by using the Beta, you are opting into this data collection.


Any plans for such a thing?

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Certainly not a bad idea at all, and if the user was ever able to save a file with history prior to a crash then we'd have exactly the information we need, but this is usually not practical... The other issue is that if we're writing enough data to a log that could help us reproduce the problem, we'd basically be constantly saving a file delta after every action which would be costly-enough the the performance of the Beta may be unrepresentative and that itself may render the Beta ineffective at test-running the code as it would reach a customer in the release...


It's definitely worth us all talking about it, but there are a few practicalities that make things more awkward than you'd like... :/ 

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